"The eyes are each a varied glass

     Through which the rays of Being are reflected.

    The yellow, the crimson, the violet

    Reflecting the Sun

    Each their own colour."

    JAMI 15C








    As a single light feather falls effortlessly and calmly through the green leaves to meet the blue colour of the river passing by, it draws white lines as if painting the essence of memories, telling stories with an eternal tune echoing through the air.


    ParAava aspires to bring in and spread out the echoes of the colours known and colours unseen… For a moment when the waves of colour quiver and vibrate concealed shadows within us flying the hidden bird with feathers spread out to paint the waiting dimensions.

    This is the art of Neda Dana-Haeri.


    Below you will find a few examples from some of the main series to date. For enquiries about pieces for sale and commissions just click here.


  • New Work

    Recent work and series in progress

    Colours of Esfahan


    Cultural Memory

    New England



    Unbound Expression


    Selected pieces in print and online

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    Contemporary Art in the Middle East

    Part of the ARTWORLD series from Black Dog publishing.

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    Painting the Persion Book of the Kings Today

    - Ancient Text & Modern Images' from Talking Tree Books

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    unbound expressions

    by Neda Dana-Haeri and Tajalli Keshavarz. Published 2013

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    Featured Artist - Artist in Focus



    Renée Pfister Art & Gallery Consultancy


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    Griffis Arts Center Journal 1

    First of three video journals from the residency at the Griffis Arts Center 2014

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    May 2015
    Interview by art journalist and writer Lisa Pollman


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